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2024.3.29 お知らせ

”光の戦士 感謝キャンペーン開催中!”


抽選で合計10名様に 豪華オリジナルグッズセットが当たります🎁




②本キャンペーン期間中に、FFシリーズで『FINAL FANTASY』〜『FINAL FANTASY Ⅵ』までの6作品の中で好きなタイトルを本キャンペーンの対象ポストにコメントする






当社は、本キャンペーンの実施にあたり、受賞者への連絡及び賞品発送のための当選者の個人情報の取得を、株式会社KADOKAWA Global Marketing及びパートナー企業に委託いたします。個人情報の取扱いにつきましては、下記プライバシーポリシーをご参照ください。
Campaign Entry Terms & Conditions
 Those who wish to participate in the FINAL FANTASY PIXEL REMASTER 36th ANNIVERSARY! Warriors of Light Campaign (hereinafter referred to as the “Campaign”) organized by KADOKAWA Global Marketing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) should carefully read and agree to these entry rules (hereinafter referred to as the Terms & Conditions) before submitting their entry. Please note that by participating in this campaign, you are deemed to have agreed to these Terms & Conditions.
1. Application
These Terms & Conditions apply to all matters relating to the Campaign between the Participants (hereinafter referred to as Participants) and the Company.
2. Consent to Provide and Use of Personal Information
In applying for this campaign, Participants must provide accurate information such as their full name and address for purposes such as sending prizes to winners. Consent to the provision and use of personal information is voluntary, and if not consented to or if there are any falsehoods, errors, or omissions in the information provided, the Participant(s) may be disqualified from the Campaign.
3. Participant Submissions and Data Files
Participants agree to grant the Company and any third parties succeeding the services of the Company the worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, sublicensable, and transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute, create derivative works including translation into other languages, display, and perform the submissions or data files uploaded by Participants through this Campaign. By agreeing to this, Participants waive their rights as authors. Participants may not use submissions or data files uploaded by other Participants for commercial purposes.
4. Prohibited Activities
The following acts are prohibited when applying for this Campaign. If the Company determines that any Participant(s) has engaged in any of the following acts, the Company may disqualify the Participant(s) from the Campaign without prior notice and may suspend or delete the submission.
Acts that obstruct and interferes with the operation of the Campaign.
Acts that violate the Terms & Conditions.
i. Acts that cause annoyance, disadvantage, harm, or discomfort to others.
ii. Acts that defame or damage the reputation or credibility of others.
iii. Acts that infringe upon the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of others.
iv. Acts that infringe upon the property, privacy, or portrait rights of others.
v. Providing information, advertising, or solicitation for profit.
vi. Acts contrary to public order and morals.
vii. Acts that violate the terms of use of Social Networking Services (SNS) used for applications, or other regulations.
viii. Other actions deemed inappropriate by the Company.
5. Suspension of the Service
The Company may suspend or discontinue the campaign without prior notice to Participants if any of the following reasons are determined:
i. In the event of maintenance, inspection or updating of computer systems related to the implementation of this service.
ii. When it becomes difficult to conduct this campaign due to force majeure such as earthquake, lightning, fire, power outage, or natural disasters.
iii. In the event of a computer or telecommunication line outage due to an accident.
iv. If the service of the Social Networking Services (SNS) used for application is interrupted or discontinued.
v. In any other cases where the Company deems it difficult to conduct this Campaign.
The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damage incurred by the Participant(s) due to the interruption or suspension of this Campaign in accordance with the preceding paragraph.
6. Disclaimer
The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by Participant(s) in relation to the Campaign unless there is intentional or gross negligence on the part of the Company. The Company shall not be liable for any disputes between Participants or between Participant(s) and third parties arising in connection with the Campaign.
7. Change of Campaign Content, etc.
The Company may change all or part of the content of the Campaign or suspend the provision of the service without prior notice to Participants. The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by Participants as a result.
8. Modification of the Terms & Conditions
The Company may amend the Terms & Conditions without prior notice to Participants if deemed necessary.
9. Handling of Personal Information
Personal information provided for this Campaign will only be used for sending prizes to winners and communication regarding the above, as well as non-personally identifiable statistical information for reference of products or services. Personal information provided for this campaign will not be provided to third parties except with the consent of the participant, except where required by law.
10. Retention and Use Period
The retention and use period of personal information collected in this Campaign shall be until the end of the Campaign. If there is no inquiry from the winners for a certain period after all the winners have received their prizes or after the date of shipment of the prizes, it may be considered that the Campaign has ended.
11. Notification and Communication
Notifications or contacts from the Company to Participant(s) will be made in the manner specified by the Company. If notifications or contacts do not reach the Participant(s) due to errors in their email addresses or other reasons, they may be disqualified from the Campaign.